August 9th, 2013


Merlin Paperlegends fic: Below the Darksome Yew (Masterpost)

Title: Below the Darksome Yew
Author: inheritedjeans
Artist: amphigoury
Pairings/characters: Arthur, Merlin, Gwaine; past Merlin/Morgana, eventual Merlin/Arthur
Rating: R
Word Count: 44k
Warnings: Graphic violence and minor character death

Summary: The Tyrant King Uther Pendragon would have had Emrys under his thumb until the end of his days but for one mistake: the execution of Camelot's Seer Witch. Driven mad with a lust for Pendragon blood, Emrys will not rest until Uther's dynasty is broken and Camelot forever changed, and he will use all the fury of the last living dragon to do so.

Alone and unaided, Arthur Pendragon knows he will never have the strength to stop Emrys, nor the power to slay the dragon Kilgharrah. But there's a reason the Druids speak of the glory of the prophesied Trio: It is only with the unity of Courage, Strength, and Magic that Camelot will be saved.

Note: This work has a prequel, which can be found on LJ and AO3.

Author's notes: First and foremost, a thank you of fantastic proportions to amphigoury for the absolutely amazing artwork! And as loud as I can possibly shout it: THANK YOU to dreams579 She is the most amazing beta/cheerleader/taskmaster I could have asked for. I and this fic are really indebted to you, m’dear. (Especially all the parts wherein I try to know how horses behave.) Heaps of thanks to blostma the most patient cheerleader probably in the history of ever and definitely the most encouraging, and thanks to sschapstickk for letting me know just how much I wasn’t making sense at first. And thank you, the_muppet, for making this fest the fantastic thing that it is!

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